Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give any credit of my book to the ghostwriter?

No. From the beginning stages to the delivery of your book, the work is considered 100% yours. You do not have to give any accolades or credit to the ghostwriter. To the public reading your book, it is as though you wrote it yourself.

Am I able to discuss my project with my ghostwriter?

Absolutely! This is one of the biggest ways that we differ from other ghostwriting services. We encourage collaboration between the client and the ghostwriter because we feel as though this is how you get the best quality of work. 

Is using a ghostwriter ethical?

Yes. Using a ghostwriter is completely ethical. Simply put, the book is 100% your idea, the ghostwriter is just there to do the actual physical labor of writing the book for you. 

Is your service 100% confidential?

Yes! Our writers, editors, and managers all sign a strict nondisclosure agreement and for your peace of mind, we are also able to have them sign an agreement with you also. Your work will NEVER be reproduced or published under another name. 

Does my book come already formatted for Kindle, Create Space, or any other eBook platform?

Yes, our writers work in Microsoft Word so your delivered product will come in that format. We are also able to deliver a 2nd version to you for any platform you prefer. 

What should I consider when choosing a ghostwriter?

There are several aspects to take into consideration, but the most important ones are:

  • Does the service stand behind their finished product?
  • Do they offer any revisions or corrections?
  • Is it confidential?
  • Will the writer collaborate with me on my ideas?